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Expert-designed prompts paired with conversational AI that turns you into a customer insights wizard.
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Vetted expert-tested prompts paired with an always-available AI chatbot guarantees you understand your customer better than ever.
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"What makes me so excited about PersonaGPT is the ability to bring a persona to life and to use it for realtime questions, brainstorming, validation and feedback. While still in its infancy, we're excited about the day when a persona might be delivered as an engineered prompt"
Jim Babb, CEO
Part and Sum
We’ve spent thousands of hours helping brands see through the eyes of their customers.
Tap into our proven customer research methodology.
Expert-Designed Prompts
Stop wasting time crafting complicated ChatGPT prompts. Our strategist-written research questions result in reliable insights on-the-spot.
Faster than surveys, more in-depth than a focus group.
Easy to Customize
Instantly transform PersonaGPT into your desired customer or audience! Unlock endless insights with just your brand’s name and a few basic details.
Choose Your Prompts
Save time with our proven AI chat prompts - speed up time to insights and stop spinning your wheels with ineffective and unclear answers from Chat GPT.
Know Your Customer
Unlock round-the-clock customer insights for more effective marketing. Discover unearthed insights and hidden opinions with the click of a button.

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